6 Steps To Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Finding out how to grow tomatoes is like finding a needle in the haystack. Why? Because to throw some tomato seeds into the ground and eventually find them growing and bearing those round, smooth and shiny reddish orange tomatoes is like throwing the magic beans that Jack has thrown and grew into a huge beanstalk eventually bestowing him and his mother the golden harp and the chicken that lays the golden eggs.

You see, there is so much you can get from these tomatoes. They naturally contain phytochemicals that are known to fight off or drive away your chances of getting cancer, especially if it runs in your genes. These phytochemicals make a good antioxidant for people who are always on the go and get immediately stressed out with the daily hustles and bustles of life. This is one reason why it is best to grow your own tomatoes now. With the tomatoes you will grow, you can be certain that they are organic and therefore much healthier than the ones you will buy from the grocery stores. Here are some tips on how to grow tomatoes for your personal consumption:

1. Find the spot where there is good ventilation, adequate sunlight exposure and enough space for the tomatoes to grow as high as 6 feet. But then if you are sure that you do not have very good soil, you have the option to grow them in a container instead. For container-grown tomatoes, it is advised that they be kept under cold conditions and placed indoors.

2. Throw in all your tomato seeds into a jar filled with water. Cover the top with cling wrap or any plastic. Tie a rubber band on the side to lock the wrap then make some holes for air to pass through. These water and air are very essential for your seeds to grow into seedlings which you can later on plant into your plots.

3. Place the jar where it will receive adequate sunlight then wait for three days until you see some dirt floating in the water. Remove these bits from the water.

4. Rinse off the dirt from the tomatoes using a sieve until they are clean enough. Then put a paper towel on a plate where you will lay the already washed seeds. Turn them over once each day for faster drying up.

5. Since you have prepared your container or plot with the needed soil already, make sure you evenly space out the tomato seedlings as you arrange them. It is crucial that there is enough room for each seedling to breathe and there fore, grow. Ideally, bring each seedling to half inch or one inch down to the soil.

6. Water the plot or container. It depends on which technique you used to plant your tomatoes. When you see the seedlings growing about 5 to 6 inches tall, you can now breathe because your tomato plants are most likely to continue growing already. But then, make it a point that you continue giving them the sunlight and water that they need in order to grow. Sooner or later you will be surprised to see the plants bearing lots of reddish orange tomatoes in your garden!


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