garden architecture and garden designers

garden architecture and garden designers When you have your list of reasons sorted out, you can then match these reasons to the herbs that can provide you with the solutions to your reasons for wanting to grow a mini herb garden in the first place.

 It may be that you have recently been introduced to Italian cooking for which you want a good supply of herbs to experiment with. It may also be that you want to have a constantly available supply of chamomile for making chamomile tea for your child who must be given relief from his constant nightmares.

 For a list of healing herbal teas, you can again refer to " Successful Herb Gardening ~ Step - by - Step " or the Herb Gardening Site for help on choosing the right plants for your mini herb garden.

For the first step, make yourself a cuppa, find a comfortable seat and then with pen and paper in hand, you are ready to start. Next, ask yourself a simple question, " Why herbs? " Then write your answers down by following the detailed guidance on this in the e - book.


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