landscape plan for townhouse garden ideas

landscape plan for townhouse garden ideas After and only after steps one and two would you want to start designing your own mini herb garden.

 1. What are the plants that you can group together and how many groups do you want?

 2. How are you going to arrange those plants, considering their colour, size and height?

 3. Draw out the different mini herb garden designs that you have in your head and position your plants within them. What overall shape do you want? Rectangular, square, round or casual? How about including one of those fancy knots designs?

 4. Do you want to create a path through the garden because you would like to walk in it? Perhaps you want to add a special sitting place?

 And so on. Again, more ideas are available in the e - book " Successful Herb Gardening ~ Step - by - Step " and at the Herb Gardening Site.

 Then you would want to find that location in your garden, backyard or rooftop that will have the space, available sunlight and water that will be ideal for your chosen design.

 Do take your time with the above steps and really enjoy this stage of your mini herb garden construction process. The more time you spend on this stage, the more beautiful your garden will be to you.


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